1. Appointment of Sole Distributors, Stockists and Selling Agents :  The Government may, by floating open tenders or such other manners as deemed appropriate, appoint a person or persons or firm having at least three years experience in running lotteries as Sole Distributor for distribution / marketing of Mizoram State Lottery tickets throughout the country. An Agreement was signed by the Government with each of the Sole Distributors. The Sole Distributors pay agreed amounts of Sale Proceeds to the Government for the sale of lottery tickets.
The Sole Distributor may appoint Stockists or Selling Agents to sell lottery tickets to the public. The following are the existing Sole Distributors appointed by Government of Mizoram for distribution / marketing of Mizoram State Lottery tickets :-
Sl.No. Name & Address of Sole Distributor    Date of Signing Agreement

1.         M/s Skill Lotto Solutions Pvt. Ltd.                           19th day of August, 2019

            Shop No. 6, Ground Floor, 

            Rayala Tower, 781-785, Anna Salai, Chennai – 600 002


2.        Teesta Distributors                                                   19th day of August, 2019
            T-19(D), Peace Villa, Beside PWD Building
            Tuikhuahtlang, Aizawl – 796 001, Mizoram

3.        M/s B.S Enterprises                                                 19th day of August, 2019

           201, 2nd Floor, Bhakti Park, RHB Road, 

           Cross SL Road Junction, Mulund (West0, Mumbai - 400 080

2. Approval of Schemes and Printing of Tickets :
    All the schemes of Mizoram State Lottery are accorded prior approval of the Director, Institutional Finance & State Lottery before the tickets are printed and sold. Approved schemes are sent to the Security Printing Presses duly approved by RBI and IBA indicating the number of tickets to be printed with other conditions of printing, details of prizes, deductions to be made from prize money like Income Tax etc., terms and conditions for marketing etc.

3. Prizes :
    The total value of prize per draw including bonus/incentive to Stockists or Agents or Sellers shall not be less than 55 (fifty five) per cent of the total value of the tickets printed for each draw. Incase the prizes are offered in kind, the rank, amount and item of prizes offered in kind shall be determined by the Director. No ticket shall be eligible for more than one prize in a draw. All prizes are guaranteed by the Government.

4. Draw of Lottery :  All draws of Mizoram State Lottery are held at a time and date indicated on the tickets in the draw hall of the Department at Aizawl and are open to public. The draws are conducted under the supervision of the Director or his representative in the presence of two Judges duly appointed by the Government. The draw results are duly recorded by the two Judges and are authenticated by the Supervising Officer. The winning ticket numnbers of each draw are published in the Official Gazette, national, regional and local newspapers. The Judges are entitled to receive an honorarium for the draw, the rate of which is fixed by the Government from time to time.

5. Publication of Results :  The list of prize winning ticket numbers in each draw shall be published in the Official Gazette and such publication shall be deemed to be the final and official announcement of the result of the draw. The result of each draw may also be published in the national, regional and local newspapers of wide circulation and also in modern mass media.

6. Claim of Prizes :  All claims of taxable prizes (Rs.5001 & above) should be submitted to Director, Institutional Finance & State Lottery in prescribed form duly filled in indicating clearly the name of the claimant, full postal address, ticket number, name of the lottery and date of draw. Original prize winning ticket with one photocopy duly attested by a Gazetted Officer, three passport-size photographs of the claimant, an affidavit of ownership of the prize winning tickets from any Ist Class Magistrate should also be submitted. Prizes amounting to Rs.10,000/- (Rupees ten thousand only) and below shall be claimed with original winning tickets from the Sole Distributor, Stockists and Selling Agents concerned. All prizes of each draw shall be claimed by the prize-winners within 60 (sixty) days from the date of draw failing which the Government shall, in no case, be held responsible for non-payment of prizes. However, Government reserves the right to disburse the prize even if the claim is received after 60 (sixty) days, but the maximum period of the same shall, in no way, exceed 90 (ninety) days from the date of draw. Prize winning ticket must be kept intact. Government shall not be liable to pay prizes on tickets lost in postal transit, defaced or mutilated. Tampered ticket cannot be entitled to any prize and any person claiming prize money with tampered tickets may be sued in a Court of Law.

7. Examination of Prize Winning Tickets : The prize winning tickets received by the Director through the Sole Distributor or directly from the holder are examined carefully in line with the following procedures :-
(a) the ticket which is found genuine may be sent to the printer of the ticket for final authentication of its genuineness ;
   (b) the ticket even if mutilated bu the series and ticket number remaining in tact may also be accepted for examining its genuineness or otherwise.

8. Payment of Prize Money :  The Director shall disburse prize money for accepted genuine claims after deducting the necessary items viz Income Tax, Commission to Agents, Stockists and Sellers etc. Prize money in favour of winners outside Mizoram shall be paid in the form of Demand Draft after deducting commission on drafts and postal charges. Prize money payable to winners in Mizoram shall be paid in the form of cheque. All prizes of Rs.10,000/-  (Rupees ten thousand only) and below is authorised to be disbursed by the Sole Distributors, Stockists and Selling Agents

9. Mode of Payment to and by the Government :  All payment due to the Government shall be made by the Sole Distributor by Demand Draft only and drawn in favour of the Director on any Nationalised or Public Sector Bank located at Aizawl. The Director shall initially credit all the amount received in a Bank account in the State Bank of India or any other Nationalised or Public Sector Bank. The transactions relating to the payment of Prize Money, charges for publication of results, expenses incurred in connection with lottery draws and other miscelleneous expenses shall be done through the Bank Account jointly operated by Director and Joint Director of the Department.

10. Private Lottery / Lottery other than the State Lottery : Private parties, associations, firms or any other persons are not allowed to conduct lotteries of any kind except on reasonable charitable ground and only on prior permission of the Government. Those conducting lotteries in whatever forms and name without obtaining prior permission of the Government are liable to punishment under Section 294 A of Indian Penal Code. The applicant shall be an organisation or firms which are well established, reputed and recognised at the State level. All the profits out of the lottery should invariably go to the purpose for which the permit is given. The scheme should be only for one or single draw of a time and no portion or the whole amount of such prizes of any lottery or lucky ticket shall be paid in terms of money and it shall be paid in kind. The total value of all prizes (in kind) for any draw shall not be less than 50% of the total value of the ticket printed.
        The applicant shall deposit to the Director, 25% of the value of prizes by means of Call deposit or by Cash etc. as Security deposit before issuing permission. The applicant shall deposit a fee of the Government at the rate of one percent of the total value of the scheme before issue of permission. Claim period of prizes shall be 45 days from the date of drawal of results. No extension of time for draw of the result shall be granted after marketing the tickets. Drawal of results shall be conducted under the supervision of the Director or his representative in the presence of two Judges nominated by the Government. Payment of prizes should be completed within 60 days from the date of draw failing which Government reserves the right to make payment of prizes from the security deposit.