The Department has been functioning under the administrative control of Finance Department, Government of Mizoram. to generate ‘Revenue’ for the State Government by launching the Mizoram State Lottery Raffles throughout the country with less administrative expenses. the ‘Additional Resources Mobilisation’ of the State Government through Small Savings Schemes from among Government employees as well as from the general public.


Small Savings :

             This Branch deals with launching of Small Savings campaigns, Semi-Government Offices and Offices of State Government Undertakings, , Compilation of Monthly / Quarterly reports submitted by SAS Agents and MPKBY Agents, payment of Cash Incentive to SAS and MPKBY Agents, appointment of SAS and MPKBY Agents, administration of SAS & MPKBY Agents holding of Review Meetings with all Heads of Departments including Non-Statutory Bodies, distribution of Awards and Certificates, Publicity of Small Savings Schemes through various media like Radio talk and dialogue, distribution of leaflets and pamphlets, preparation of Lucky Gift Coupons and disbursement of its prizes, pre-mature closing of Pay Roll Savings Accounts, Co-ordination between Postal Department, Government of India and the Government of Mizoram in respect of P.O’s Small Savings Schemes.


Lottery :

               The Government may, by floating open tenders or such other manners as deemed appropriate, appoint duly qualified Distributor(s)/Selling Agent(s) for distribution/marketing of Mizoram State Lottery tickets throughout the country wherever sale of lottery tickets is permissible. An Agreement was signed by the Government with each of the Sole Distributors. The Sole Distributors pay agreed amounts of Sale Proceeds to the Government for the sale of lottery tickets.

                 The Sole Distributor may appoint Stockists or Selling Agents to sell lottery tickets to the public.  The following are the existing Sole Distributors appointed by Government of Mizoram for distribution / marketing of Mizoram State Lottery tickets :-

1.         M/s Skill Lotto Solutions Pvt. Ltd.                           19th day of August, 2019

            Shop No. 6, Ground Floor, 

            Rayala Tower, 781-785, Anna Salai, Chennai – 600 002


2.        Teesta Distributors                                                   19th day of August, 2019
            T-19(D), Peace Villa, Beside PWD Building
            Tuikhuahtlang, Aizawl – 796 001, Mizoram

3.        M/s B.S Enterprises                                                 19th day of August, 2019

           201, 2nd Floor, Bhakti Park, RHB Road, 

           Cross SL Road Junction, Mulund (West0, Mumbai - 400 080


Banking :

                 The Institutional Finance & State Lottery Department is acting as Nodal Department in the Government in Banking spheres in Mizoram. It deals with co-ordination between the Banks and the Government as well as individual Government Departments, the Banks and other banking and non-banking financial institutions belonging to the Central Government as well as the State Government. It represents the Government in the various meetings held with banking authorities and other Financial institutions within and outside the State. It screens the schemes formulated by the Government Departments and endorses the same to the banking authorities concerned for implementation after proper elaboration.